Do You believe in Angels?
di Lilia Salvini
ISBN: 978-88-6096-514-1
Formato: Rilegato
Genere: Narrativa
Collana: Varia
Anno: 2010
Pagine: 108

Ludovica is a young beautiful woman; she has a great job which however doesn’t reflect her ambitions, a dream which absorbs her, an ex boyfriend who deceived her, many loyal friends, and a family she can always rely on. One bad day, her ‘normal’ life is upset by a sad news: Ludovica has multiple sclerosis. This when the story of Lilia Savini starts: the story of Ludovica who faces her disease, special medical examinations, the difficulty in wearing heels…and letting herself fall in love again. Because, as the author reminds, there can be a light even in the darkest night. A light that strengthens, encourages, and gives us a reason to move on, beyond all difficulties, even the insurmountable ones. This light is always Love: for your friends, your family, your life partner, and, above all, for yourself.

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