The theory of love - The problem of evil in Leibniz
di Giuseppe Piluso
ISBN: 978-88-5516-833-5
Formato: eBook
Genere: Saggi filosofici
Collana: Officina delle idee
Anno: 2021 - Mese: ottobre
Pagine: 192
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Giuseppe Piluso in 2007-2008 enrolled in the Faculty of Philosophy, where he understood his true attitude and passion that culminates, in the academic path, with the thesis that here we propose “THE PROBLEM OF EVIL IN LEIBNIZ”. In this enlightened writing emerges a smoothness, an expertise, a competence, a complex and a mastery of specific language and articulation of the issues that can rightly include him among the best essayists.
In this livre d’essai, specialized and of great argumentative depth, a pivotal reflection of human existence emerges clear: “If God exists why has he allowed evil and, if God does not exist, where does good come from?”.
Maria Sergio

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